‘We’re actors – we’re the opposite of people!’: Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead @ The Old Vic

Who knew that over two hours of straight wordplay could be so marvellously fun – and surprisingly non-exhausting? Not having seen any Stoppard until now, embarrassingly, and secretly very excited about confirming that Harry Potter does in fact exist, I bought a cheap seat as soon one came around.


This play is a quite cerebral (some might say too cerebral). It’s clever joke upon clever joke and plays with the story of Hamlet brilliantly. However, if you know your Hamlet and you enjoy feeling intelligent, you will greatly enjoy this. I was laughing the whole way through, as well as pondering how touching it was to see theatre questioning itself. The staging is beautiful, the troupe of travelling players who appear in the play are dressed charmingly like harlequins, and it all just works.


The text takes over the actors, so I must admit I almost forgot it was Daniel Radcliffe before me (with fellow talent Joshua McGuire by his side). This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I was sitting in the upper circle and was therefore very far away from the action.


All in all, it’s a colourful, well-choreographed, entertaining show that makes you think – a thoroughly enjoyable evening that I would highly recommend.


Rosencrantz And Guildernstern Are Dead is playing at the Old Vic until 29 April 2017. For more information and tickets, click here.


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